We assist school FA departments improve efficiencies and compliance using a combination of technology and FA expertise.


Financial Aid Processing

Campus Ivy will perform all disbursement calculations and validations for the institution. This process will include creating all COD export files and importing all COD response files providing reports of disbursement totals and rejects. A Student Information System (SIS) update report will also be provided to ensure the institution is reconciled with COD and G5.

  • Easy file sharing data import/export of student disbursement data with school’s SIS
  • Disbursement calculations and validations
  • Balance tracking to ensure reconciliation with G5 drawdowns
  • Creation and delivery of COD export file
  • Import of COD response file with return of a comprehensive report on all COD rejects
  • Turnaround processing time within 24 hours

Packaging/File Review

Campus Ivy will perform all award calculations including the delivery of the award letter. This process will include the import of all ISIR files and will result in a SIS update report for the institution. This service is flexible and will include document review as needed by the institution. A SIS update report will be provided to ensure the institution has all data elements needed to fully service their student population.

  • Easy file sharing data import/export of student financial aid information with school's SIS
  • Aid Award calculations and validations
  • Award Letter creation and batch communication
  • Easy ISIR import with reporting of all rejected ISIR's
  • Real-time turnaround based on schools needed


Campus Ivy will perform automated data comparison of the institutions, COD and SIS student disbursement information. Once the comparison is completed a full report of all discrepancies will be provided at the OPEID, fund type and student level. This report will enable the institution to quickly identify and correct all errors.

  • Ability to provide a report of balance discrepancies for both Direct Loans and PELL Grant funds for each award year.
  • Ability to provide a report of the differences at the disbursement level for each student with a balance discrepancy.
  • Turnaround time within 24 hours of receiving both the COD and SIS files form the school.
  • Able to provide school with guidance for creating the proper policy and procedure for this function through our professional services.

Verification/C Code Processing

CampusIvy's verification and C code services are automated and allow the schools the flexibility of having the students directly submit their documents for review. This service includes timely updates and document tracking as well as Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) updates.

  • Document Tracking and review based on verification group
  • All ISIR updates
  • Direct communication with student
  • Status reports


Campus Ivy can provide professional services to assist an institution with managing their federal student aid and maintaining administrative capability. These services include verification/ C code, annual audit preparation, program review preparation, policies and procedures development, staff training, professional judgment, Return to Title IV calculations (R2T4), etc.

  • Program Review preparation and guide
  • Annual Title IV compliance audit preparation and guide
  • Verification and C Code policy development and review
  • Financial Aid Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Financial Aid and Student Accounts Operational and System Assessment
  • Title IV Training