Cloud based Financial Aid automation suite of products
from Campus Ivy guarantees to simplify the Financial Aid puzzle.

Campus Ivy CORE
Financial Aid Management Software

CI-CORE is Campus Ivy’s financial aid management enterprise system. CI-CORE has been designed to provide an easy to use interface for school operators. A Cloud based application, CI-CORE provides a secure and easy to use platform that supports integration with most SIS (Student Information Systems) including home grown applications. It is a workflow driven system which allows all levels of school’s organization to efficiently stay abreast of the financial aid process. CI-CORE supports institutions with multiple OPEIDs, multiple campuses and all academic structures.

CI-CORE is a collection of web-based applications hosted on Microsoft Azure SaaS platform, enhanced with a powerful mobile-based student portal that delivers an amazing experience for students.

Campus Ivy Automated Verification

Campus Ivy combines a powerful, Cloud-based document management application with intelligent ISIR triggers to create an automated, flexible and easy to use Verification software tool. Campus Ivy Verification (CI-Verification) delivers all that power in a simple to use package, so the Financial Aid department can spend more time with students.

  • Automated Student Notification
  • Automated Document Requirement by Verification Group
  • Automated ISIR updates to CPS
  • Reporting on Verification Process

Automated Tools & Applications

Campus Ivy also offers several tools as stand-alone or integrated applications to further improve financial aid processing.

  • CI-Student - mobile-based student portal delivers everything a student needs in a simple and intuitive UI
  • CI-Reconciliation - reconcile COD against SIS and other systems in hours instead of weeks
  • CI-NPC - present your students with the most accurate calculator that's based on your actual programs and tuition
  • CI-Refund Calculator - automate your institutional and Title IV refunds and improve compliance

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