Cloud based Financial Aid automation suite of products
from Campus Ivy guarantees to simplify the Financial Aid puzzle.

Campus Ivy CORE
Financial Aid Management Software

CORE is Campus Ivy’s financial aid management enterprise system. CORE has been designed to provide an easy to use interface for school operators. A Cloud based application, CORE provides a secure and easy to use platform that supports integration with most SIS (Student Information Systems) including home grown applications. It is a workflow driven system which allows all levels of school’s organization to efficiently stay abreast of the financial aid process. CORE supports institutions with multiple OPEIDs, multiple campuses and all academic structures.

CORE is a collection of web-based applications hosted on Microsoft Azure SaaS platform, developed using technologies such as HTML5, Javascript, C#, Web Services, and SQL Server that are load balanced across numerous servers for availability and performance. CORE uses a layered security approach by implementing techniques such as SSL certificates, restricting access by IP address and encrypting personally identifiable information.

Campus Ivy suite can be accessed from anywhere by using most popular browsers. There is no need to purchase expensive servers or install software. There is minimal setup that is required to configure a school for processing. After that, all that is required is a browser and the link to Campus Ivy financial aid system in the Cloud.

Campus Ivy Reconciliation

Department of Education requires schools to reconcile COD and their system of records/ Student Information System (SIS) monthly. Campus Ivy can help you automate the reconciliation process and cut down weeks of manual work to hours! Campus Ivy Reconciliation software is a Cloud based application which can be used as a standalone software or combined with Campus Ivy service. Our school clients enjoy the speed and accuracy of Campus Ivy Reconciliation software.

Campus Ivy Verification

Campus Ivy combines a powerful, Cloud-based document management application with intelligent ISIR triggers to create an automated, flexible and easy to use Verification software tool. Campus Ivy Verification delivers all that power in a simple to use package, so the Financial Aid department can spend more time with students.

  • Automated Student Notification
  • Automated Document Requirement by Verification Group
  • Automated ISIR updates to CPS
  • Reporting on Verification Process

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